Thursday, May 8, 2008

Custom Project Bags

Well I suppose I should post about my own little business. A few months ago I started sewing knitting and crocheting project bags. The first one I made was for my friend Michi.

She couldn't find exactly what she wanted anywhere so I told her I would sew her one to try out and see if she liked it. She "says" she likes it - LOL! She picked a wonderful fabric called "Habitat" I have no idea where or when I bought it and have not been able to find anymore of it anyplace!

After Michi said that she liked the bag I was off and rolling. Well I opened a Hyena Cart anyway. My little shop Chaco Creations is off to a small but steady start!
So far I have only offered customs. I have had one "in stock" item. It was a bag made from the "Knitmare on Elm Street" collection from Michael Miller.
I used the pink version (although I do have the teal and green versions also). It came out great! I was so happy to offer this bag - although a part of me wanted to keep it for myself.

The second custom bag I made was for Krystl. She chose a cool Indian inspired paisley fabric. Hers is the only bag I thought to take photos of with a project & yarn actually in it. I'm going to have to remember to do that more often in the future! Krystl says she loves the bag. The one improvement I made from Michi's was the drawstrings. I worked it now so that it is a continuous piece without a lumpy seam to disrupt the closing and opening of the bag. It involves more hand finishing - but I think it is worth it!

I was asked my Nicole at Laines Magnifiques to work on a collaboration for her shops 6 month anniversary celebration.
We chose a cool fabric with colored circles all over it on a light green. Nicole hand dyed yarn to match. I need to get photos from Nicole of the yarn because she did a wonderful job of matching the bag fabric! It was very impressive considering that she only had the photo of the material that I had emailed her when she was dying the yarn.
It only took a few days for the collab to sell! Yah!!

My only disappointment so far with sewing and selling bags is the one that didn't make it to its new home. The lady who ordered this custom actually won the slot in an auction for a fundraiser I hosted for the Missouri Midwives. She chose this beautiful floral print with cream and purple flowers. The coordinating fabric is a matching purple. The bag turned out so well. I shipped it off to her new home in GA and while the delivery confirmation says it was delivered - she never received it. I only had a half yard of this fabric so there is no reproducing it for her. This is the cautionary tale as to why insurance should be purchased. It would not get back an out of print fabric but it would allow for another bag to be made without the loss of money on either side of the transaction.

For a full look at custom bags and needle/hook rolls I have made so far go check out my Gallery.

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