Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My new favorites

I made this custom Chaco knitting bag and needle roll and it turned out so well it is my new favorite! I just loved how the color combinations came together.

I also totally made up the pattern for the needle roll as I went along (shhh - don't tell anyone...) . It took a little bit of trial and error but I finally got it to where I really like it and I didn't waist too much fabric! I've just always wanted something with a pocket or some way to lock some of the smaller needles in the roll without them sliding up to the top all of the time.

I've made a few more and I think they also have turned out really very nicely.

This Chaco knitting bag and zip pouch was also a custom order. I am not much of a pink person - but I really really like how this turned out. Something about the chocolate brown and pink look very nice together.