Saturday, December 1, 2007


Well I'm done - finally!! I started on this set a month ago for a swap. I knew there would not be enought of the beautiful Nurturing Threads
BFL yarn for the longies. I luckily had some undyed BFL that worked perfectly. It was a little tricky making sure the length of the legs was even - but I think I did a pretty good job (major patting my own back!). I used Belladonna designs pattern - but added the ruffle on the bottom to spice the longies up a little!

The Shirt is appliqued with an owl - a favorite of my swap partners so I hear! I used a spray on stabilizer that washes off after you are done appliquing - it worked well. Just wish I had gotten smaller needles for my machine - I forgot that I had broken the last one and so my needle was a little large for the applique. I'm hoping that the shirt holds up without any holes developing around the applique.

Now I just hope my Swap partner likes them - I'm always nervous when I make something for someone. Never sure if they will like it or if my work is good enough to give away.