Monday, December 29, 2008

Joining a Congo!

I am joining a congo! It is a new one that will have its Grand Opening on January 1, 2009!

Naturally Charmed will have a selection of family friendly items stocking the 1st of each month. Right now we have Annette from Woolcreations, Michi from diggin' crochet and Clarissa from Peanut Butter Monkey! We will hopefully be adding new members at the beginning of next year. Please come check it out!

In other news.... Do you want to see what a 2 pairs of size 4 Toddler knitted pants look like?
Yup that is a 17" inseams on these bad boys! Made for a friends twin girls for Christmas.

Yarn is Western Sky Knits - Choco Rainbow custom with a dark pink instead of red.

I used the basic Belladonna longie pattern but did a variation for the cuff at the bottom.

They seemed to take forever even using magic loop to do both legs at the same time. I did the cuffs separately though. The magic loop is great for making sure that the legs are the same length....but I got a little tired of pulling the cord through all the time. I love how the yarn knit up and the pattern it made. I really like that even though there are the same number of stitches and the same sized needles used both pairs knit up with slight variation in the yarn pattern.

So I shot these off to Canada a couple
weeks before Christmas. Ended up
sending them Global Express to make sure they got there....they did!!!
Here is a photo my friend sent me of the girls wearing the pants!! They are gorgeous!! The pants also!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I knit these 3 Hudson Hats for a friends 3 little girls. I used various scaps of hand-dyed yarn. All wool yarns of various weights. The pattern is from Ky Baby Knits. I have a lifetime liscense to sell hats from this pattern.

The hats seemed to come in 3's! I then made three hats for a shower gift. One for the new baby, one for her older sister and one for her sister's doll. This pattern is from Leigh Spencer called "Sprout".